Thomas Crum and Denise Holubowski have a combination of twenty plus years experience in the medical, business and accounting fields.

Tom is originally from Ewing, New Jersey. He is certified as a Nurses Assistant and as an Electrocardiogram and Phlebotomy Technician. He has worked with people of all ages and has the natural ability to make those he is working with feel very comfortable. Tom attends a variety of college courses in order to expand his knowledge in all areas.

Denise is originally from Minersville, Pennsylvania. She was raised in a funeral service setting, owned and operated by her family. She has a degree in Accounting as well as several years of experience in Business and Accounting. She enjoys helping others fulfill their needs and in creating a strong, solid and positive work place.

Together as a team Tom and Denise are both thankful to be given this opportunity to fulfill their dream in creating a wonderful experience for both clients and caregivers in their family business.

Mission Statement:
We strive to fulfill the needs and concerns of our clients and our employees. We offer a genuine and quality care to people of all ages, enriching their lives with a wholesome family touch, creating a positive and safe environment. With team effort and good morals and ethics, we will provide a home for our employees… and in turn our employees will provide excellent and caring services for our clients in the comfort of their own home.